This is our submission to LD37 Jam.

LiftBoy is not so mentally demanding game. The goal is pretty straightforward - you are the LiftBoy, so your task is to pick-up passengers and take them to their desired destination (well, you are supposed to do so, but quite frankly - no one can force you). You have to navigate the lift to the given floor carefully (align the floor of the lift with the corridor floor) to be able to open the door, then possibly order some passengers to leave. Some passengers might also leave on their own if they are not satisfied with your services (you can easily check the level of their happinness according to their facial expression). If there are some passengers queueing for the lift they will get in automatically. Then you just simply close the door and navigate the lift somewhere else. For each successfully transported passenger you get a point, for each not so successfully transported passenger you loose it. Just in case you doubt if there is a possibility to loose or win the game somehow... well... try it.


The controls can be redefined at the start-up screen.

LiftUp (ArrowUp)- moves the lift up

LiftDown (ArrowDown)- moves the lift down

HandBrake (Space)- stops the lift

DoorOpen (v)- opens the door

Passenger[0-4] (qwert)- orders the passenger to exit the lift (from left to right)

Exit (Esc)- exits the game


Bohus Brecka (coding)

Tomas Kremel (coding)

Vojtech Kuzel (graphics)

Stepan Prochazka (coding)